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It’s Simon Greenhalgh, Andy Black and Max Vershinin here and we are very excited to show you exactly how ClickPress should be a vital part of your traffic generation strategy in 2015.

Everybody knows that digital marketing changes at a rapid pace.

If you're a website owner and your not keeping up then you are losing money, that’s a fact.
But I am here to tell you that it is not your fault
When it comes to running a “cash generating” website it always boils down to TWO core ingredients. Those ingredients are TRAFFIC and CONVERSION.

You could have all the traffic in the world but unless your website “convinces” them to take some form of action... It will NEVER make any money.

This means that your traffic is wasted... and if you have PAID for that traffic you will not see a return on your investment. And that sucks right?

The vast majority of website owners online, generate their income from adverts. The issue is that the percentage of people that click adverts today is dropping all the time.

In the “good old days” CTRs of adverts could average between 5-10%. But today you are lucky if you can get more than 0.5% of your website visitors click your adverts.
The Big Question Is Why Is This Happening?
The simple answer is “banner blindness”. Old style adverts do not grab your visitor attention as well as they once did.

In fact, people’s brains have become hard wired to actively ignore adverts.

But there is a solution. I’m going to let you into a secret….

Some of the biggest content and viral websites on the planet saw these issues coming and as a result ploughed HUGE sums of money into development and testing.

They developed and tested a NEW breed of ads. Ads that are fresh, innovative and very unique. Ads that engage their visitors and not only make them curious... but also have an impressionable impact on their website.

However, having these modern and highly effective adverts custom created for your websites can be extremely expensive.
Happily, We Can Now Introduce…
Let’s Take a Closer Look at ClickPress
and What It Can Do For You and Your Website
Press Play To See It In Action…
Let's Go a Step Further and Take a SNEAK PEAK at Our "Pro" Split Testing Feature
Press Play To See Our Split Testing Feature In Action…
These are the kinds of CTRs we are getting with ClickPress..
Here's what our users and industry experts are saying...
As a graphic designer I get asked to create ads often and after seeing the traditonal styles of ads perform worse and worse over the years it was obvious to me that the industry needed to make big changes and become more creative. ClickPress is the solution. Get this plugin, install it on all your sites and see your websites earnings massively increase overnight.
Aar Ron
Andy & Simon you guys are have done it again! The bottom line of marketing is getting more engagement from our visitors which creates the visitor to take action. You have done both here with this plugin so the end result should be more money in our pockets! You have a winner!!
Chris Jenkins
Simon and Andy are well known respected marketers with a few genius qualities thrown in for coming up with just what you need, when you need it. Ad banner blindness is an ongoing problem for us marketers and this clever plugin provides an abundance of ways to capture your prospects attention and increase conversions!
Leah Butler-Smith
Conversions are key - they can make the difference between making a profit or a loss - even with the smallest traffic. ClickPress defeats the main enemy of conversions - 'banner blindness' - by making eye-catching - in your face banners - in just a click!
Steve Benn
Clickpress Is A Highly Recommended Tool For You, If You Want To Generate Huge Profits From Your Site Using The Power Of High Impact, Innovative Ads
John Zakaria
Clickpress Is Our Brand New Plugin That Puts The Power
Of These High Impact, Innovative Ads In YOUR Hands
This is the first time this kind of technology has EVER been available to Wordpress users before!
This ad allows you to create a full page advert which takes over the entire page. You can choose to set a delay for when it will appear and a timer for when it will disappear. Use this for maximum visibility!
ClickBackground does exactly what it says, it creates a an ad which fills the background of your Webpages content. Very highly visible but not annoying.
This ad is extremely effective for enticing a visitor into clicking with a smaller ad which then expands out into a large ad when the mouse hovers over it. It can be placed over the page/post in a variety of positions.
An animated corner peeling ad which when hovered over peels the page down revealing your ad underneath.
ClickCutout uses all the standard banner sizes, 300x250, leaderboard, skyscraper (you name it) and it allows you to have an image with a transparent background so it appears to be floating over the page!
This ad allows you to place an autoplaying video over your page which can be positioned anywhere and hovers over your content as the visitor scrolls.
ClickFooter appears at the bottom of your page, hovering over your content, can be any size and scrolls with the visitor down the page.
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All support enquires will be investigated and fully actioned.
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These are the kinds of CTRs we are getting with ClickPress..

Full Professional Version With Unlimited Developer Licensing
Usually $114 (Get Over 50% Off For a Limited Time)

ClickPress Professional (Unlimited Developer License)
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